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Our TKJ Procurement Services Offerings

TKJ Procurement Consulting and Training offers a range of tailor-made services in conjunction with associates / partners skilled and experienced in optimizing the supply and procurement value chain.

TKJ Procurement Consulting and Training offers a range of tailor-made services in conjunction with associates / partners skilled and experienced in optimizing the supply and procurement value chain.

These services typically include:

  • Procurement Transformation focused on improving procurement capability and maturity

  • Supply Chain and Operations Management Transformation

  • Implementation of technology solutions (Enterprise Resource Planning, Beneficiary Management, Sourcing solutions, Contract Management Solutions, Supply Chain Solutions)

  • Procurement Training and Development

  • Augmentation of procurement resources to assist with the delivery of procurement projects focused on Strategic sourcing, Contract Management, Relationship and Performance management as well as 3rd party Risk Management

  • Supplier and Enterprise Development 

Procurement Transformation

“Procurement transformation refers to a specific type of organizational change management which focuses on strategies to enable major and long-term improvements to procurement and supply management processes, activities and relationships” (Day and Atkinson, 2004). 

Transformed procurement departments provide organisations with a competitive advantage in that the entire Sourcing to Payment process is efficient and highly collaborative. The TKJ Procurement Capability and Maturity Model (CAMM) has been devised to enable development across the end-to-end procurement value chain, addressing people, process, systems and structure in line with industry best practices. Our assessments highlight strengths as well as development needs, and the resulting action plans are integrated into everyday operations for continuous improvement.

Supply Chain and Procurement Training and Development

TKJ Procurement develops and delivers training to the procurement management fraternity in order to bridge the skills gap, while providing development advice and support. Training sessions are facilitated by subject matter experts and thought leaders in the procurement space, with a wealth of experience covering technical as well as practical aspects.

Our offering is tailored to accommodate a broad range of business models, from start-ups to established enterprises, and addresses key areas including:

Strategic Sourcing
– How to establish and execute a strategic sourcing approach to realise the intended savings and value-add that enhance the bottom line

Contract Management
– How to ensure that value is derived from every contract, risks are managed and mitigated, and controls are in place for all eventualities

Supplier Relationship Management
– How to protect and unlock value across the procurement life cycle
– Vendor performance management
– Internal stakeholder management and communication

Supplier Development

By definition, Supplier Development is the process of working with certain suppliers in a focused manner to improve performance for the benefit of the buying organization. The TKJ Procurement philosophy for Supplier Development is rooted in improving the capacity and capability of service providers to increase competitiveness through potential comparative and competitive advantages in their respective supply markets.

Key focus areas typically include the following:
– Skills development and training
– Job creation
– Improvement in business operations

Procurement Projects

TKJ Procurement is positioned to provide advice, knowledge and execution support for your procurement initiatives by using a team of skilled, qualified and experienced procurement specialists to help you drive these activities.

Augmenting your organization’s own resource base for optimal cultural fit, our approach matches your needs with the most suitable level of expertise in sourcing, contract management, as well as supplier relationship and performance management.

In addition, TKJ Procurement can assist with third-party risk management – a key aspect of many projects. It is said that without rigorous contract management, 75% of sourcing savings can disappear within 18 months. Our focus areas include planning, due diligence and selection, contract negotiation, oversight and ongoing monitoring, independent reviews, documentation and reporting, and exit/termination strategy